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I BY MISTAKE ended up on a yoga mat while at university in Canada in 2011. I couldn't touch my knees, more than one second in a Downward Dog made my shoulders scream and I couldn't have told you the difference between a Warrior 1 and a Warrior 3 if you'd paid me.  BUT, straight away, I was hooked right in.  

When you're first building a yoga practice, you have no choice but to be very IN your body and without even realising it at first - you come OUT of your mind; less caught up in the noise of all that stuff that whizzes around our busy busy brains all day long.  What joy to find a bit of stillness, a little bit of quiet!

I continued to practise in Canada and then in Edinburgh, and pretty soon after landing in London, I decided I wanted to teach this yoga, as well as learn it. Since I qualified with YogaLondon in 2015, I have been teaching full time in sitting rooms, Sky Gardens and studios all over London... every week is a little different to the last one in terms of where I am and who I meet but it seems to me that where there is yoga, there is good vibes and good eggs.

It feels like a great gift to be both teaching and learning every single day - and I have been lucky to practise with many amazing friends and teachers in beautiful parts of the world.  From Canada to Edinburgh to Kerala and now here in London - the PEOPlE that yoga has brought into my world are LIGHT in human form and I feel big gratitude to all my teachers both on and off the mat, for the big lessons and the little lessons. 



I teach an accessible, steady style of Vinyasa Flow yoga, where the emphasis is firstly on letting your body breathe the way it wants to, and secondly on letting that body move in ways that feel good and interesting and free and fun. The more I learn and the more I teach, the more interested I become in the moments between the moments; of course landing in certain postures is one thing (and a fun thing) - but what about the transitions from this steadiness, to the next steadiness? What about the bits in between? What can you feel?

Come and choose a steady breath, build a steady body, and find a steady mind on the mat some time! Below are my regular classes around London - hopefully one is ISH in your neck of the woods....


0645 - 0745: Flow 1 @ Union Station Yoga (Clapham Junction) 


1000 - 1130: Vinyasa Level 2/3 @ Yotopia (Covent Garden)

1830 - 1930: Dynamic Vinyasa @ Yogarise (Streatham)


0700 - 0800: Dynamic Vinyasa @ Yogarise (Peckham) 

0830 - 0930: Dynamic Vinyasa @ Yogarise (Peckham) 


1000 - 1115: Dynamic Vinyasa @ Yogarise (Streatham)


1045 - 1200: Yin Yang @ Yotopia (Covent Garden)


Private and Corporate Yoga

All you need for yoga is a body, some breath, and some space to roll out a yoga mat.  Wherever you are - at home or at work, I have a bike and a backpack and will pedal some yoga right over to you.  

Private yoga classes at home mean you can ask the questions you need to; for beginners looking to really get to grips with which foot goes where, or for more experienced yogis looking to go a little deeper - one-to-one or small group classes can be a great way to build your practice in a way that works for you.

I love teaching yoga at offices - it is so much fun for EVERYONE.  We just need an empty boardroom and a lunch break, and we're good to go! 

For more information on one-to-one or work place yoga, please email with your requirements. 

standing tall and walking lightly - a yoga workshop

Join me at Yogarise Peckham on Saturday 9th February between 2 and 4pm for a yoga flow workshop that challenges old habits and helps us tune in to what’s really going on in our bodies.

Yoga is less about getting our bodies into new shapes and more about really feeling where we are. Moving through a dynamic-enough-to-feel-it-but-not-so-fast-that-you-miss-it flow, we will meet familiar shapes and also feel out some new ones. We’re not going to push hard at anything, but we are going to feel the fire. We’re not going to tie ourselves in knots but we are going to get out of comfort zones and wobble a bit. The wobble is where the magic is at!

We will keep asking the questions, and keep playing around for the answers. Through this questioning, playing and feeling, we will wake up our bodies to move freely. If we can feel what it is to move with ease on the mat - and we commit to practising in that way - our bodies will learn to take this lightness and freedom off the mat too.

This workshop is open to any body. First timers to Level 586-ers, you are all welcome. Bring your body, bring your questions, bring your ideas …. Get ready to feel great learn something about your body.


Book via Yogarise website here.




To plan private or corporate classes, please complete form below and I'll be back to you ASAP with more details.  In fact if you have ANY questions - even if it's just which yoga mat to buy, send me an e.... 

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